This file contains board-specific information for the SBC ARM7 target board. This file documents BSP interface changes from previous software or hardware versions, and notifies the user of serious caveats that must be noted before using this BSP. Additionally, the target board's reference entry (i.e. wrSbcArm7/ provides board-specific information necessary to run VxWorks and should be read fully before this BSP is used.

RELEASE 1.2/18

Better handling of auto-negotiation of the PHY

RELEASE 1.2/17

Tornado 2.2 support

Fix END rx error handling

Fix END polled mode

Fix non-default clock rate serial problems

RELEASE 1.2/16

ROM resident support

RELEASE 1.2/15

Big Endian support

Thumb support

Big Endian/Thumb support

Ethernet MAC address based on DIP settings

END driver registers now written using volatile

sysClkRateSet() now changes the clock rate

RELEASE 1.2/14

Minor changes to the default boot line

RELEASE 1.2/13

Minor changes to support UNIX builds

RELEASE 1.2/12

Enable cache support.

Add support for launching the VxWorks image using visionWARE 2.00.

RELEASE 1.2/11

Fixed Ethernet FIFO overflow problems.

Fixed crashing sysClkConnect.

RELEASE 1.2/10

Added support for NVRAM.

Fixed issues with timestamp.

Cleaned up the documentation.


First beta release (for Tornado 2.0).

Date 2018-08-02
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