VxWorks5.5 平台下矢量字体显示的实现


(江苏自动化研究所,连云港 222006)

摘 要:VxWorks5.5 采用点阵字库实现字体显示,这种字库设计简洁,应用广泛,但一个字库只能对应一种字体的一种大小,在不确定使用何种字体的情况下,这种传统的字体显示方式便不能够满足需求。通过使用TrueType字库和FreeType字体引擎相结合的方式,能实现多种字体、任意大小的显示功能。主要介绍了TrueType、FreeType技术的基本原理,以及在VxWorks5.5下如何将WindML、FreeType和TrueType三者相结合实现矢量字体显示的方法。


Implementation of Outline Font in VxWorks5.5

LING Yun-Feng

(Jiangsu Automation Research Institute, Lianyungang 222006, China)

Abstract: Bitmap fonts are used to display in VxWorks5.5, which is simple and widely used.But it will not meet the demand when we don't make sure which font size is ok as each bitmap font file has only one font and one size. We can achieve a variety of fonts and sizes by using the TrueType fonts and FreeType font engine.This paper describes the basic principle of TrueType and FreeType technology, and how to realize outline font display by using WindML, FreeType and TrueType fonts.

Key words: outline font; encoding translating; font file loading; bold; italic


Date 2018-08-07
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