周文, 张日飞, 蒋秀波, 蔡志鹏 (北方自动控制技术研究所, 太原 030006)

摘要: 介绍了一种在Wind River Workbench 3.0的开发环境下开发MPC8280芯片网络驱动的方法。 首先简要介绍了嵌入式操作系统VxWorks的网络体系的架构,而后介绍了END开发的流程,重点落在了对END开发的核心内容和方法的介绍上。按此方法所开发的END经验证可以驱动相应的硬件使其正常工作,本开发方法较为简便,具有实用价值。

关键词: 嵌入式系统,网络栈,风河,增强型网络驱动

Exploitation of MPC8280 Network Device Driver Based on VxWorks

ZHOU Wen, ZHANG Ri fei, JIANG Xiu bo, CAI Zhipeng (North Automatic Control Technology Institute, Taiyuan 030006,China)

Abstract: A method in which the END is designed in Wind River Workbench3.0 is introduced in this paper.

At first, the structure of the embedded OS VxWorks’s network system is introduced briefly; then the process of END development is discussed; finally, the key point of this paper is the content and the way of END development. The END introduced here has been tested to be able to drive hardware successfully, and the method introduced here is simple and valuable.

Key words: embedded system, network stack, wind river, END

Date 2018-08-01
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