This FAQ describes how to boot one or two target VMPC6a, 6c or 6d from the kernel stored in the SCSI hard disk. For BSP 02248.


Question : How to boot VxWorks from Vmpc6x User Flash using SCSI disk ?

Answer :

Here is a method which explains:

I How to configure BSP to include SCSI facilities ?

  1. Config.h
  2. bootConfig.c
  3. sysScsi.c
  4. ncrLib.a
II How to update VxWorks bootrom with SCSI included ?
  1. Upgrade Boot ROM Using VMPCBug firmware
  2. Upgrade VxWorks kernel
III Generate a standalone VxWorks kernel to be stored on the SCSI disk
IV How to access and configure the SCSI disk under VxWorks ?
V How to boot from SCSI disk ?
VI How to boot a second board from same first SCSI disk ?

It has been tested on:

Software configuration:

Solaris and windows NT 4, Tornado 2.2 environment.

BSP ID02248 under Tornado2.2/vxWorks5.5


Vmpc6c,6a board.


I How to configure BSP to include SCSI facilities ?

In order to use the scsiLib facilities in VxWorks, SCSI support has to be added to VxWorks kernel. To do so, Change or add the indicated lines on several files in the BSP directory (/target/config/).