Date 2021-11-30
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摘要: 由于我国的空间技术的迅速发展,航天嵌入式系统的复杂性急剧增加。在航天领域要求对嵌入式操作系统vxWorks进行剪裁工作以适应航天设计的要求,而剪裁掉文件系统的VxWorks操作系统存在地面不能对星上的事件进行有效干预的问题。文中在“龙芯”计算机平台上通过对VxWorks 操作系统进行配置,设计了一种可在轨编程的方案,并针对其中的出现的修改后的函数中全局变量和调用函数的链接地址发生变化的问题提出了解决方案并完成了软件实现该功能。文中CPU采用 wh1770,通过修改原被调用函数的初始代码实现对于新函数的调用,并针对全局变量以及调用函数在更新函数中链接地址发生变化设计了在轨更新接口函数和更新代码提取工具,从而实现函数的在轨更新,给出了部分设计流程图以及代码提取工具的测试结果。测试结果显示该工具实现了设计目的,在航天工程领域具备一定的利用价值。

Due to the booming in the space technology, the complexity of RTOS in aerospace is increasing, It is necessary to tailor embedded operating system to adapt the demand of aerospace design. And there comes the problem that the VxWorks OS which is tailored File System can't tackle the event on the satellite efficiently. By the configuration on the VxWorks OS which is based on the Loongson computer platforms, I design a software which can realize On-orbit programming. And the resolution and a software for the issue that link address of the global variable and called function may change is given. The CPU in the article is wh1770. Based on modifying the first several codes of the old called function and designing the interface function and tools for extracting modified codes ,we can realize the on-orbit function updating. Part of the flow charts and test result are also given. This software can achieve the purpose of the design and has some value in aerospace applications.